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hey gals and guys, welcome to my safe-haven.

my name is jocelyn del rio, but everyone calls me jo. i’m a twenty-one year old, bay area baby.

i write about pretty much everything. i write about topics that make people who know me uncomfortable. i write about feeling depressed, feeling inadequate, and about overpowering loneliness. i write about my worst fears, my lowest moments, and my insecurities. why?

it’s real. it’s important. i am not one idea. i am not one emotion.
these things are always in transit.
because we, as humans, are always in transit.
we always want to put this sugar coated face out for everyone to see. we put the most perfectly filtered pictures. we only share our happiest news. we create ourselves into an image we want the world to see.
when someone is raw, honest, and real, there must be something very very very wrong – since this is not how we act. which is why i’m here,
to break the rules.
i don’t always feel hot. i’m not always in control. i’m not always happy.
and that doesn’t make me ugly, crazy, or depressed. it just makes me human. here in this little space, it’s okay to feel things. it’s okay to just be.

you can click here to read my first blog post.


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